Have you felt disengaged? Have you felt like you are not being challenged, or that you are not getting the attention you need to excel? Do you know that you are ready to make a change? Howe Military Academy prepares open minded students such as yourself for the rigors of life. And, this all takes place in a community dedicated to the relentless pursuit of your success.

Arriving on Campus

Most people only pursue success, leaders define success.

The moment a student walks through our door an assessment is made using prior transcripts, test scores, and conversation to determine an appropriate course schedule. A four-year plan is developed using prior coursework, taking into consideration the student’s interests and ambitions, to determine the framework of courses necessary for graduation. It is the responsibility of the Academic Advisor to determine how the student’s past, present and future course work meets the graduation requirements of the State of Indiana’s Core 40 or Honor’s Diploma, as well as, the requirements for acquiring a Howe Military Academy Diploma.


Outside of academics, Howe Military Academy focuses primarily on three things: self-discipline, character, and leadership. The Junior ROTC program helps with that focus by providing training in all three areas. What you study in Junior ROTC will not be found in any textbook. It will not be studied by any other students or in any other schools. It has not been taught before. It will not be taught again. Because the subject of JROTC is: YOU. JROTC is all about you. You are its whole point. It is devoted to your growth, both as a student and as a person.

When I was a new cadet there were a couple kids whose rooms were all around me. They all just came to my room all the time and hung out with me. They were all in my platoon, which means we lived in the same barracks, shared the same responsibilities, and ate together in the Mess Hall. I had it a lot easier because I had those people around me.

Barracks Life Morning Routine

Starting out your day through Breakfast

6:00- First Call        6:20- Company Reveille        7:05- Battalion Reveille        7:10- Flag Raising        7:15- First Mess

“Attention in the barracks, attention in the barracks, this is first call. Formation in 20 minutes.”

Each day, mornings begin with those words resonate across campus through the barracks bringing this quiet campus to life.Take a deep breath and sit up, your mind is clear & focused. Mornings come quickly, but you can hear your friends in the hall starting to make their way around. An upperclassman stops by your room to check in. There is a lot to do today after all and now is the time to get started.

The morning routine becomes muscle memory; teeth brushed, chin shaved, button up your shirt and pull the wrinkles out to the sides smoothing the uniform for the day. You glance at your shoes to see if they are presentable, double check to see if your name tag is on and level with the pocket, line your belt up straight, and tightening the room. The path to success is clearly marked here and demonstrated in all aspects of life.

I really like the barracks. I formed a close camaraderie with the other guys. I formed a friendship that otherwise probably would not have normally happened. I had to keep the seventh grade hallway in line when I was a junior, which meant my room was right next to a seventh grader’s room. We got along really well, I usually got really annoyed by the seventh graders, but I got to form a great friendship with them.

Academic Life & The Daytime Routine

The Day Continues with a Customized Education

8:00- First Period 8:55- Second Period 9:50- Third Period 10:45- Fourth Period 11:35- Second Mess (Lunch)

12:20- Fifth Period 13:15- Sixth Period 14:10- Seventh Period 15:05- Extra Help

First Bell Rings!

After breakfast you head to the Academic Building for first period. While the classes are like the classes you took before, the instruction is nothing like public school. Here your teachers know not only your name but also your ability. Leaders need to understand accountability and with the small class size, there is no hiding your work in the classroom which keeps you from falling behind.

Maybe you have struggled before, maybe you have excelled. Howe Military Academy offers extra help where you show room for improvement, and offers dual credit college courses so you can get ahead. You can graduate high school with transferrable credits for college.

The day continues as you attend each period of class until second mess (lunch) at 11:35. After mess, academics continue until school is finished.

The teachers get a personal relationship with you. My teachers all got to know more than just my first name, I developed personal relationships, I get a lot of help educationally, so teachers push me, they push you to do better. I got here and said this stuff is too easy, so they made a class for me to learn content that challenged me with a different teacher with a doctorate from Notre Dame, one on one.

When I went to public school I aimed to go to a local community college, but now that I have come here I am aiming for much higher colleges like Notre Dame, Wheaton, and Purdue instead. I feel like Howe has helped me reach for those goals and they are helping me achieve them as well.

Athletic Life & Evening Routine

Life Beyond the Classroom

16:15- Athletics, Arts & Clubs     18:00- Battalion Retreat    18:15- Evening Prayer (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday)

18:45- Third Mess (Dinner)     19:30- Study Hall    22:00- Underclassman TAPS    23:00- Seniors/Battalion Staff TAPS

Promoting personal wellness, an appreciation for competition, and instilling the skills necessary to be a successful leader.

After classes you head out of the Academic Building and make your way towards your room. Athletics, clubs, & other activities are next. Athletics at Howe are a prime component of your leadership development, and they do not happen sitting on the bench. Coaches are ready to practice and will push you to achieve your greatest potential.

Traditional sports are offered here, but so are a number of options you may not have had at public school; here you can learn how to shoot on our nationally competitive rifle team, you can become a certified Scuba diver, and you can compete on a cybersecurity team as well.

I do not have a lot of access to my mom and my dad, you are away from your parents which is not a bad thing. You have to figure that out if you want to go off to college so I am glad I figured it out now rather than when I am in college and the stakes are higher. Here you are forced to have a study hall, and you don’t get to have your electronics all the time. You can’t escape your problems here, you have to learn how to deal with a situation.

Preparing for success tomorrow and beyond

After your activities, you will clean up and the cadet leadership will have coordinated plans for dinner and will inform you on what needs to happen between now and then. Since you have some extra free time, you walk down the hall to hang out with your friends.

Dinner comes and goes which means it is time to study. Back in the barracks everyone heads to their rooms for study hall. The halls get quiet and those that need help can find it quickly from an honors student. After study hall is free time before bed which gives you a chance to wind down from the day.

At my old school all they really cared about was sports, so I played football, I did track, I used to do baseball. I thought I am not going to get to play the sports I like any more, I thought I would not be with my friends that I used to hang out with but thinking about that now I found a different sport, lacrosse, which I am only in my third year playing, but my first year I eventually became a starter for a little bit, and then last year I got to play a lot of minutes, and this year even more minutes. So this is my third year, my old school I played football for so long and I was only on the JV team when I left.

Free Time & Weekend Routine

You made it to the weekend!

There is a rec center on campus called the Canteen that is the hub of free-time on campus. Not only do they have the best food on campus, the Canteen also has a movie room and a game room with video game stations, ping pong, pool, and air hockey. This is where cadets from all over campus converge.

As long as you keep your grades up you can even skip third mess to eat at the canteen instead. The canteen is a place where you can relax and make friends with the other cadets on campus outside of your barracks.

Beyond that, on weekends, food options are expanded as well. There are a number of local restaurants which deliver directly to the barracks (The Howe restaurant has some awesome pizza).

I would go to Dr. B all the time if I had any problems. I was able to go to Dr. B and he talked to me for a while just one on one, he identified with me and went through similar things, he told me what his parents told him. I got kind of close to one teacher in public school but never super close to any of them.