Dr. /Col Jim Benson, USMC (Ret) turns over the reins of Howe Military Academy to Dr. /COL Tom Tate, USA (Ret) on July 1, 2018.

James Benson
Col James H. Benson, USMC (Ret)

     After five months, at the helm of the Academy and during possibly the most crucial period in the school’s history, Col Benson passed the baton to his own hand-selected Commandant, COL Tom Tate. Subsequent to consulting with the Board of Trustees during the fall and winter of 2017, the Board asked Col Benson to assume the position of Superintendent. In an open-ended contract, Col Benson agreed to lead the Academy until such time as the Academy had turned the corner from an educational, financial, and military standpoint; seek to improve the Academy staff and teaching faculty to the extent required; and advise the Board relative to a candidate to become the next Superintendent.

COL Tom Tate, USA (Ret)

     Upon Col Benson’s recommendation and on June 21, 2018 the Board voted to name COL Tom Tate as the next head of school and to change the title from Superintendent to President/CEO. COL Tate, a decorated Army Special Forces Officer and a leader/scholar with a doctorate in Higher Education Administration from the University of Alabama, brings a wealth of experience to HMA. Prior to joining the Academy as Commandant of the HMA cadets in February, 2018, COL Tate served four years as the Professor of Military Science at the Florida Institute of Technology, Vice President for Student Affairs and Commandant of Cadets at Marion Military Institute, and Director of the Center for Leadership and Career Development at Marion Military Institute.

Col Benson and COL Tate are of like mind relative to the education and development of our youth through the military model of college preparatory school education. The Board is confident of the continuity between Col Benson and COL Tate and excited about Howe’s future. HMA appears to be on solid footing for the 2018/2019 school year as evidenced by the anticipated high retention rate of current cadets and the unprecedented number of incoming inquiries and applications.

Finally, the Board, staff and faculty, parents, and alumni thank Col Benson for his leadership, dedication, and inspirational contributions to the longevity of this Academy. Moreover, we wish him all the best in his consulting business and publication of his new book, titled ”Executive Courage – Sometimes You Have to Walk Point.”

For the Board,

Philip Malone