Teaching through Academics

Building a Firm Foundation on a Solid Education


Learning together. Leading together.


The academic success of each cadet is planned by taking a team approach to learning. With an average class size of eight, Howe provides the individual attention cadets need to explore and find the learning style that works best for them. Daily scheduled study halls and a Cadet Advisory Program (CAP) that gives cadets one-on-one access to faculty members to discuss academic matters reinforces our belief that true learning can only be achieved when both the cadet and faculty work in partnership. Designed around the Indiana Core 40 graduation requirements, Howe’s college-preparatory education includes a strong foundation in English, math, science, and foreign language with honor courses available in most.

Education for Today. Potential for Tomorrow.

Our exclusive Potential Achievement Rating (PAR) system challenges each cadet to set and attain measurable academic goals. First adopted in 1941, PAR is a pre-agreed grade point average (GPA) that is established by past academic performance. It is updated every six weeks by academic staff, so cadets are always striving to reach their full potential. Cadets achieving their PAR are academically eligible for rank promotions, as well as, participation in athletics and extracurricular competitions.

By providing a curriculum that prepares cadets for the rigorous demands of college courses, Howe Military Academy develops a base for cadets to perform successfully at the college level of academics.

Across the curriculum, technology is part of the way students learn. Classrooms and computer labs feature monitored Internet access, state-of-the-art software, email and access to the school’s local network.

Howe Military Academy’s Academic Advisor is involved in many different aspects of each student’s life throughout high school from course selection to college and career planning.

Howe has also formed an exclusive partnership with Trine University.  This partnership allows Howe cadets the unique opportunity to earn dual credit for both high school and college for some classes simultaneously.

All students begin preparing for college by taking the PSAT during their sophomore year and again their junior year. We assist any students wishing to take the SAT & ACT with materials, filling out forms, & practice.

The goal of the guidance office is to assist each cadet in applying to the college or placement in the career path best suited to his or her interests, abilities, goals, personality, and career aspirations.

What Parents Have to Say

“As a parent, the response my son has had at Howe makes me feel really proud and satisfied that there are schools with instructors and administrators that really do provide the academics and discipline necessary to educate our children. THANKS HOWE for being there when we needed you.

-Anonymous Parent

“We wanted more for our son. We wanted an organization that had the ability to help us develop him to be the best he could be in all areas of his person; mental, academic, physical, spiritual & moral character. The military structure at Howe provides the ability to produce these traits. Your system and quality staff have produced an evident improvement in our son with regards to all of these character & developmental issues. Thank you for your commitment to excellence.

-Anonymous Parent