July 8th - August 2nd, 2019


Engage in credit recovery courses or get ahead this summer.

High School
Howe Military Academy is offering the opportunity for high school students to engage in credit recovery courses to meet their academic requirements to graduate on time or take classes for personal enrichment. New for 2019: ISTEP+ Prep/Remediation will be offered for students who still need to pass the Indiana ISTEP+ Test. Students who take the ISTEP+ course will have the opportunity to take and pass the test at the end of the Summer School session. Virtual Reality (VR) courses are also available for students interested in STEM.  Courses offered are listed below.*

English 9-12 Algebra I and II
Biology Economics
Geometry Chemistry
Government US History
World History Spanish I and II
Robotics (VR) Fundamentals of Robotics (VR)
Drones (VR) Indiana ISTEP+ Prep/Remediation**

* A minimum number of students are required for a course to be offered. Course details are available by contacting our Academic Department at (260) 562-2131 Ext. 234.
** Students will take the Summer Session ISTEP+ Test at the completion of the course

Middle School
Middle school students will strengthen their math, English, and study skills, giving them a launch pad for stellar high school performance. They can use this time to catch up, build confidence with subjects they may have struggled with, or increase their depth of knowledge on subjects in which they would like to excel.


Physical fitness with leadership development and military training.

Howe’s facilities will provide ample space to play catch, swim, run, jump, laugh, and make life-long memories.  Activities offered include, but are not limited to:

SCUBA Basketball
Flag Football Canoeing
Soccer Dodgeball
Archery Tag Rifle
Movie Night Mini Golf

Who Should Attend?

Our summer school program is a good fit for many.

  • Students who want to graduate early
  • Students behind in credits
  • Students who want to get ahead
  • Students interested in the military school experience
  • Students who need to prepare for and pass the Indiana ISTEP+
  • Students who want to have an UNFORGETTABLE summer!


Boarding: $3,800 Includes all meals during the week and weekend activities, uniforms, room, and books.

5-Day Boarding: $2,900 (Monday-Friday) Includes all meals during the week, activities, uniforms, room, and books.

Day: $1,900 (From 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM) Includes lunch and dinner during the week, activities, uniforms, and books.